zero 0.3

  1. U

    Sold  WAVECLOUD "0.3"

    REPOST: A tattletale told on me and the teacher said I had to cover the nose bridge etching. Up for sale is a pair of Wavecloud custom made, Zero 0.3 inspired sunglasses. I bought these from a member on here last year. They don't get face time, so I'd rather move them along to someone who would...
  2. U

    Buying  Zero 0.2 & Zero 0.3

    looking to buy a user-condition pair to wear, not keep in a display case =] thanks!
  3. Eric 0.3

    Looking to buy some 0.3s.

    Any leads would be very much appreciated.
  4. U

    For Sale  Or Trading Zero 0.3 + SubZero 4

    Well, I think the time has come. I am listing these two up for trade, for two reasons. 1.) I don’t wear them as often as I would like to, and 2.) I would prefer them to go to someone before something happens to them. (I’m still in the process of moving. I’m back and forth from two houses on...
  5. B

    Major haul

    Just paid the guy for a few more pieces! I am so stoked for this. This is probably going to be my best single puchase... ever. In one lot, I managed to pick up: Romeo 1 (possible Jordan) Mag. M Frame 1’st Gen M Frame Zero 0.3 Grenade fade Froggy D1 D2 Blade And a 12 Gauge, all for one...