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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    When there were five left to get to complete the 70 different frame/lens pairings Oakley have issued as production, part coded X Metals, the hunt became even more intense. Last month I acquired the Juliet - Polished - VR28 Black P 24-126, and last week I took possession of the obscure, hidden, and hellishly rare Juliet - X Metal - Gold 04-112 serial match JG005294, a glass I have searched for over many years, and can only think of two other owners (and one of those had no box and has since sold), so it is down to the last 3, to reach the goal of having 1 of each of the 70. Who can help me in my quest to find these?:

    JULIET - Polished - VR28 Black 04-158. Back in '09 when this was released I was far from a complete Juliet set, and considered this too 'normal' as it has no serial and was not specifically limited plus the 'sister' polarized 24-126 was almost the same so decided to leave them both. It is still at the lower end of Juliet collectables so to need this among the final three pairs is a good thing, it is only a matter of 'when', not 'if', with this easier to find piece.

    JULIET - Carbon - Ruby 24-088. To all you Brazilian members...YOU could be the solution to finding this for me, it was an exclusive to your country and was at least sold by the Nilson Joias chain, maybe they have stores for their discontinued products, maybe Oakley Vaults or Brazil ebay. Scour Brazil for a mint complete labelled pair, then sell it to me, then I will praise you on here as a Saint.

    MARS - X Metal - Emerald 04-106. USA Sunglass Hut exclusive. A pair I once had, perfect, pristine, immaculate. Complete with serial match. A top official at US HQ got me the pair, but it was stolen a few years ago, so I did have this majestic, holy and sacred work of mesmeric mastery, only now to search for another which I feel compelled must be as good to act as a true replacement.

    If anyone has any of these three please message me, but I need complete, mint pairs with original labelled boxes. Any help to procure these will be much appreciated.

    As an adjunct, how many different X Metal colourways do you have??
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Double Team

    Do you have the elusive Purple Juliet?
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The 'Purple' Juliet was not an official, production issue with a part code so is not among the 70. It is a long story but I once had a 'Frankenstein' Juliet which had one straight arm in purple with the other arm a different colour and a Ti Clear lens, it was constructed from different coloured parts and looked a mess, so it was returned. Unreleased factory X Metals are another matter but would include; Romeo - Copper - Black, Romeo - Polished Black Chrome - Black, and Penny - Carbon - +Red. I do have a couple of custom Mars and a Juliet with lime orbitals, copper nose piece, and X Metal hammer stems and emerald lens. I had the Polished Chrome Romeo but it was included with the emerald Mars theft, and for sure getting another of that will be truly impossible.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey Romeo, what is so rare about the X metal/gold? I have one as well, serial JG005783, no box or anything, unfortunately. I was just curious, you and Nike seem to be the Juliet kings!
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous 3D Printing Protege

    Not an actual release so doesn't count in the 70

    No box so I doubt he'd want it (still a great piece)

    I have these:
    X-metal/ruby Juliet- xmen edition
    Xmetal/black - mars crater - 2 of these
    Xmetal/black - xx
    Xmetal/black - mars

    I also have an xmetal Romeo but no oem lenses
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Thank you the_owl, but I did not miss that one, I saw the post at the time but it had no box. With no labelled box, there is no way of knowing for a fact it was the SGH 04-106 issue, for example, I could take my X Metal - Black 04-103, install an Emerald lens (yes I know, 'if' I could find an Emerald lens, but HQ did have these and Ice available for a time), throw the box away and claim it to be SGH, since both had M###### serial, you could not distinguish the two product codes. Regardless of that fact however, the labelled box for me is essential.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    So you're the one he sold it to. I was high bidder on that after I convinced him to ship to the US. Guess I should have offered him a Buy it Now price too. :)
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I do not know why 04-112 is so rare, but it is astonishingly rare, and I praise you for having an example, albeit with no box. In the UK it was on our SSP lists as Juliet #2 - Gold 04-112 until Feb 01, but at that time I did not take any notice of it, some time later however I was talking to an Oakley employee who investigated this model and claimed the UK took no stock of it at all, even though it was on the Oakley sales lists. Also, we both have 5000+ serial, but can you imagine that many of this? Consider JG was not shared with another colourway so could it be that thousands of them were scrapped/destroyed/or started with a high number for some reason? With 04-129 Dark Brown we know the serials are all low and around 300 ish and several have surfaced over the years but this all adds up, X Metal - Gold by comparison is a perplexing issue which has even confused some people on the O Review and I would imagine with the advent of time details of the release could remain a mystery.

    Nike is the Juliet king, he has about 100 of them which results from his love and passion of this model and he has massively delved into custom issues, an area I keep away from, for me I am just wanting a complete set of the 33 colourways.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Juliet Enthusiast

    Hey Romeo..........wasn't "JG" actually shared by 2 models?....the X Metal/Gold and the Polished/G30....or am I misunderstanding your post?