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For Sale 9 Vintage Oakleys ALL One Money + Bonus

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I am going to offer up this lot of vintage Oakley sunglasses. The price is for the entire lot. If you have ever thought about collecting vintage frames this may be a cheap way to get in. Most of these are duplicates of frames I already have. Some I dont want to part with but will just because I have a couple other priorities to take care of.... With that being said...

Frame #1
Circa 2000 Pro M Frame, carbon fiber finish, black iridium hybrid lens. Lens has scratches but is still wearable for yard work and such. Frame is pretty good. Light flaking on the icons, light chew marks on one ear stem. Rubber OK, not great.

Frame #2
Topcoat in the corten brown color with gold iridium lenses. This pair is in awesome condition with the exception of one little rub mark on the bridge. Lenses are perfect, frame is perfect (other than one spot) hinges still tight. Really nice pair. Glasses only.

Frame #3
One of the coolest pairs Oakley ever made. The original Straight Jacket in yellow with black iridium lenses. Frame is a 9/10 with a small chip in the lower orbital. Icons, bridge print and rubber excellent. Lenses have some scratches but very wearable. Glasses only.

Frame #4-6
Three Oakley Eye Jacket 2.0 pairs. Two of them are the FMJ frame the third is the metallic black frame.

All of the frames are in great shape, maybe a light mark but all are an easy 9 / 10
All of the lenses have what I would call moderate scratches, not terrible but more than just swirl marks.
Icons on all look great.
The rubber on all is very good as well and if you know anything about these pairs the rubber is extremely hard to find on its own. (easily $100 just in rubber on these 3 pairs)
They all could use a light cleaning if you so desire.
Perfect pairs for parts or customs. Actually if you dont mind the lenses wear them or replace and wear them.
Sunglasses only, nothing else included

Frame #7
Topcoat in FMJ White / Black Iridium. I would rate the frame a 9.8 / 10, rubbers 9.5 / 10 and the lenses a 9 / 10. Awesome pair of vintage Oakleys. One lens has a couple light scratches.

Frame #8
Gen I Eye Jacket fingerprint / black iridium. The frame and rubber are in excellent condition. The lenses have some light scratches. Overall very nice pair. Comes with bag only.

Frame #9
Black frame XX with VR28 black iridium lenses. Frame has nicks and dings. Lenses in very good shape with just some light marks, new rubber kit.

Added bonus. I will also include a 2014 and 2015 dog tag bottle opener.


Grand total with insurance and shipping

$550 F&F
$580 G&S

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Some people reacted to this post.
I cant believe I still have these.... SMH

Some people reacted to this post.
Username Hidden said:
I cant believe I still have these.... SMH
Me neither!

Some people reacted to this post.
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