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  1. TheRevTy

    TheRevTy Oakley Beginner

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    A large part of the reason I finally registered on here (rather than lurking and oogling all the collections) was to ask you guys - the experts - some questions. They aren't terribly related, but I've been around the internet long enough to know that the new guy shouldn't start a slew of new threads, so I'll ask them all here, conveniently numbered for answer only select ones. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I have / had 3 US Standard Issue frames (Gascan, Monster Dog, Canteen) that were purchased for me about 3 years ago, all matte black. About a year or so in, I noticed the matte finish flaking off and revealing polished black beneath it. Is this common among other matte frames, or is a peculiar USSI issue? I would hate to have that happen to my Max Fear Light Jawbones!

    2. I got a pair of custom Crosshairs, but I cannot for the life of me remember what lens I put in them. I am fairly certain they are either Tungsten Iridium or Titanium Iridium - is there a way to tell between the two?

    3. My father-in-law (also an avid Oakley collector) was curious if anyone knows what size allen wrench is used in the nosebridge of the X Squared.

    4. What is the best stand for displaying X-Metals, specifically the X Squared? If you've looked at my "Small yet Diverse" thread, you see that I have some 2-pair stands, but to get the stems to fit in the back groove, one has to be slightly pressured upwards or downwards, and I want to avoid putting pressure on the hinge.

    5. What the heck happened to creative names for X-Metals?! XX, Half X, X Squared? Even Romeo 2 is lame, given the lack of resemblance to Romeo 1.

    6. Apart from style, is there any real reason to get Oakley RX frames? They typically don't get Oakley lenses, they are made in China, and lack the durability of the sunglasses.

    7. Has anyone put either Bronze or the VR28 Black Iridium into an X Metal (the frame color) X Squared? Pictures?

    8. What are THE must haves for any serious Oakley collector? (Obviously opinion based, just curious on the key pieces)

    Thanks for any and all responses!
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  2. subysti2007

    subysti2007 Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    for the matte finish it is common to flake...as far as i know because i have USSI monster pup and it does the same thing.
    use a T6 screw driver.
    i use the x metal 2-tier stand to display my XS
    i wish oakley will bring back Romeo 1 and XX x-metal.
  3. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    1. I have several pairs of matte black SI pairs, and none have had the matte color flake off. This may be more common with the Monster Dog/Pup, Canteen, Gascan though. I can't say I've treated any of my pairs harsh enough for that to happen, except the pair of Half Jackets my dad gave me that are pretty rough, and the pair of M-Frames that live in my range bag and have seen some shrapnel at the range.

    2. Tungsten is a brown/bronze color, Titanium is silver.

    3. It doesn't use a hex (allen), it uses Torx, size T6.

    8. It really depends on what you like. I enjoy wearing frames that fit well and serve their function to me. I collect SI pairs as the matte black colorways are my favorite, and I'll swap lenses for different purposes. I also like outlandish items and if I got into collecting I'd want some older pairs such as the Slash, Eyeshade, Over The Top, Medusa Goggles, and other crazy things.
  4. RetinaBurn

    RetinaBurn Oakley Enthusiast

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    6. Although most of the Rx frames are made in China, the lenses are made by Oakley. I have never heard of any durability issues with an Rx frame, mostly just stretching in the acetate frame (I believe it happens with most acetate frames and not just Oakley). Oakley has a very large Rx division in their headquarters.
  5. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    3. if you use a torchlight, you'll see a torx head further in than the hex head. i believe its a smaller size than t6, which is what is used for the earstems.