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Back at it...


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Hi everyone,
My name is Dan and I'm addicted to Oakley.
It all started when I was in 5th Grade. I saw M-Frames advertised in a bike magazine and I had to have them.
My dad surprised me with a pair of Mumbo M-Frame Grey Heater on Black for Christmas later that year. Still, my favorite Christmas present of all-time.

The next year, I found a Sweep Positive Red Iridium lens at a bike shop while on vacation and used all my birthday money to buy them...I was 10, and the lenses were on clearance...I still have them to this day.

Fast forward a few years, I broke the frame in two.
Heartbroken, I wrote a letter(pen and paper) to Oakley customer service... pleading with them to consider replacing my out-of-warranty sunglasses. I received a response a few weeks later telling me to send the frame in for inspection. Shortly thereafter, I received a brand new Pro M-Frame in the mail. From that day forward, I have not spent a dime on any other sunglass-brand. They'd earned a lifelong customer in me.

Now, fast forward 15 years, I could afford to build my collection. Juliets, Romeos, Black Leather Mars, Pennys, Ruby Clear Why's, Pit Bosses, Half-X's, several pairs of first-gen M-Frames, amongst a few dozen other frames.

Then I met my wife. I sold off all but a few pairs of shades I spent years collecting to help fund our wedding.

Now that we've been married for nearly ten years, my Oakley display case has remained nearly empty for long enough.

I'll probably never be able to afford replacing all the pairs I sold...nor could I ever be lucky enough to find them all again, but I'm back in the game and will be on the hunt.

My Holy Grail has been and always will be Polished Carbon Ichiro Juliets. As part of the few pairs I kept I have a Polished/G30 Iridium Juliet with my birthday date as the serial number(sheer luck). While I don't have the exact pair of shades my dad got me for Christmas year, I still have the Grey Heaters and the Pro M-Frames in a hard shell case. I've owned some of the original Oakley shoes(now on the hunt for a size 13 Tuxedo golf shoe), and still have several Oakley backpacks back from high school and college. I've tried on a pair of C-Six on release day at a local OPD but couldn't bring myself to spend that kinda coin on one pair when I could buy several other pairs for the same $$$. I wore a pair of Carbon Juliets with custom cut G30 lenses(I cut them myself) in my engagement and wedding photos.

There's a ton more, but for now I'll leave it at that.

Looking forward to being a member!!

Aloha and welcome to the Forum. :cool:🤙

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