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I just recently bought Batwolfs with black ink frames. I am very pleased with them. The only problem I have is fine scratches appearing on the polished part of the frame...the Batwolf has the matte black part just like the Fuel Cells and the polished part. I have done nothing but baby it since buying it a couple of days ago...I bought a large vault and the cleaning kit and it is always in its bag or case...yet these fine scratches are appearing from what seems to be just normal use...am I doing something wrong? The iridium lens is fine, though.

Anyone have this problem as well? Is the regular polished black frame easily scratched?

I used to have matte black gascans and the frame wouldn't get any scratches unless I dropped them...either that or the matte finish hides any fine scratches.


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I have Fuel Cells that are Polished Black with history text, and I have no noticeable sratches on it at all. I use the glasses all the time, and after reading this went to check them out, and saw nothing. Now the history text might be hiding the stratches but they look fine.

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Ah, thanks for checking. It really isn't that bad and can only be seen if it's right it your face and the light reflects on it. I guess I'm just nitpicking.

Now I hope the Batwolf will be customizable soon...I've always preferred matte since it never showed smudges or dirt but they only come with grey lens...bummer.


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I have found the polished black is very sensitive to scratches...or maybe it just shows up the scratches more-either way you have to show great care with them from $100 Half Jackets all the way up to a Pit Boss. I personaly double bag every pair of my Oakleys....one microfiber over one earstem and part of orbital, another over the entire frame from the opposite direction. Keeps any part of the piece from rubbing on itself

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I figure I'll ask here...since lifestyle frames tend to slip when sweat is present, is there material like the unobtanium that I can put on the inside? Maybe a strip running down the sides. Since the batwolf has pretty think temples, it tends to collect moisture.

Since summer is approaching, I might just pick up an active/sport frame. I'm looking between the straight jacket, split jacket and jawbone. I will try them on when I get a chance to, but other than the opening jaw, are they worth the extra cost over the straight jackets?

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