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Sold Complete Ichiro collection

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Up for sale is one of Oakley greatest and hardest set to get

It's your chance to grab all 12 Ichiro's at the same time

This quest take me years to complete

Collection include 6 juliets and 6 radar(all asian fit)

All 6 juliets are new and only been displayed except one pair but she's like new,all lens are new and mint,include all box,microbag and all spare rubber

All juliets are serialized with matching box but 1 pair the box doesn't match(receive that way)

All radar are new and never worn,i have all box but some are not in the greatest shape due to shipping

All radar come with box,casing,microbag and spare nose piece

I'll also include a original ichiro pop card,2 home printed pop card and 3 ichiro promotional pen(japan beer company) and the oakley japan microbag

I will add couple of extra microbag and a oakley wristband

Some of those pair are extremely hard to find

Sadly i need to let it go but i'm sure another great collector is ready to love them like i did

I'm open to offer but price is already good and please no lowball

Feel free to ask any question
And please no stupid comments
It's hard enough to sell and i truly think my price is fair

I'll only ship to Canada and USA

Thanks and good luck

Asking price is 11000$ shipped

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Alright, let me be the first to say 'WOW'!

(and GLWS and GL with the PMs!)

(and PM from me)
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I apologize. Way way too early for me.
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That is one AMAZING collection, must have been a serious decision to sell them! GLWS!
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Well done
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Great collection.! That is a great collection you put together.
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I am overwhelmed. Good luck with this sale Ruby - love to help but can't do this package! :eek:
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I don't usually comment on sale threads but this deserves a comment... Amazing collection bro! Hopefully someone with deep pockets grab the lot :)
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