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  1. bbell6

    bbell6 Oakley Beginner

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    I'm still a bit new at this and would appreciate any information you can share. I'm trying to understand the incremental value that the Complete set has over just the glasses and how the serial numbers affect price. Thanks in advance.

    When I say Fair I mean to both the buyer and seller.

    Fair price for Polished Penny/Black Iridium?

    1) NIB (everything included) Serialized
    2) NIB (everything included) Non-Serialized
    3) Like New or very close Serialized (Nothing Included)
    4) Like New or very close Non-Serialized (Nothing Included)
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  2. Hoot

    Hoot Oakley Beginner

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    Hi bud,
    i sold a mint boxed complete non serialized on ebay together with 4 sets of after market lenses all mint for £170..i had 25 watchers and honestly thought i would of hit the £200..£230 mark..but a single bid at my start prce one it{thats the ebay factor or chance you take a seller, but great if you are a bidder}...i think its due to how many are available at the same time and the length of the auction be it a 3/7/10 day which determines the final price..serial numbers..that will effect the final price...i recently purchased Penny X metal Ruby..A1/ mint all complete for £275..but with no serial number..this was one of the final batches.. i reckon i would have paid £100..-£150 more if it was lets say 1st generation with serial number.

    It is nice to get a complete mint/A1 package..but there are some good deals to be had as long the condition of the lenses and frames{couplers/nose bridge} are excellent

    Another common fault by some ebay sellers is that they get confused with the penny and the juliet..so they will market/sell as a pair of juliets , but infact its a pair of pennys

    Also the other factor is the buzz/news that Oakley are trimming down the X metal range..this will push up the prices

    Hopefully some more of the members/Oakley Guru's on here can give you some more guidence..i myself am still learning alot from this great website and all the info is available on here

  3. bbell6

    bbell6 Oakley Beginner

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    Thanks for the feedback
  4. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    the polished frame is one of the more common penny frames, although probably a tiny bit less common than the titanium frame.

    the key to penny pricing is the lenses - they are really valuable as HQ doesnt have them anymore and OEM replacements go for upwards of $100 frequently.

    NIB, i would say around $350. serial or not doesnt matter so much with pricing as it really isnt a rare model anyway. although if you had a really low serial or something someone would be willing to fork out more.

    without box, $280 would be about the reasonable price for a perfect pair.

    i have personally sold a polished penny for roundabout $220, before the pricejump (xmetal discontinuation), so yeah around there. =)