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  1. reggavegga

    reggavegga Oakley Expert

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    Been waiting for a good deal on getting 2 more shelves for display. I have been looking on CL not any luck. Found someone selling on Ebay. Contacted his FB page told him what I needed on Monday had it on doorstep on Tuesday. The glass places around here 3/8 inch thick plexiglass 14 5/8 by 31 inches 160.00 dollars each. From him 70 material 30 shipping and actually refunded 10 dollars back because shipping was cheaper than he thought. So 120.00 in case and 90.00 for shelves 210.00 total. It sucks the C-SIX box can't by open all the way had to prop open with piece of oakleyish looking aluminum. Also a few more additions X metal vault, Flying Tiger Gascan and Oakley drag motorcycle.

    Finally Got 2 Mores Shelves Cut....... - P5241643_zps6ad65472.jpg

    Finally Got 2 Mores Shelves Cut....... - P5241646_zps5a81826d.jpg

    Finally Got 2 Mores Shelves Cut....... - P5241645_zpse8469096.jpg
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  2. Viper93

    Viper93 Oakley Beginner

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    The case is looking really nice. Think I might have to get one of those X-Metal wave stands.
  3. rmontez

    rmontez Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    That is a nice setup. Great price on the case too.