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  1. dhp78

    dhp78 Oakley Beginner

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    Hello. I am new here. I never really had sunglasses because I wear Rx and the are so expensive. However I now have some insurance coverage for some lenses. After an exhausting investigation I have settled on Black Flak Jacket. However, I am now wondering the least expensive way to acquire the frame.

    -Buy the frame through the Rx store where I will get the lenses? (not sure of the price yet. I just assume high)
    -Buy a standard pair and resell the lenses? (what lens would be easiest to resell?)
    -Try to find someone selling lens only?
    -Other option?

    Maybe there is not a clear answer or it will become clear when I get a quote from the Rx store. However, if there is an obvious winner, let me know.
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  2. Advent

    Advent Oakley Beginner

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    Hi there

    Auction sites tend to be better on prices for the frames. Depending on what you want. I'd guess the flak jackets would be double or more the Ebay prices at an eyeglass store.
    Re-selling the lenses might not be worth the trouble. I tend to keep them, in case I want to sell the frame later on.
    The RX store would be sending the pair to Oakley to have the lenses made. The primary cost is usually the lenses, which was 200-300ish when I had mine made up.