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Was just browsing the forum when I came upon your post @cacatman and this really made me smile. Now I see that this is typical of Middle East Oakley Collectors.

The Wooden closet/cupboard Display Cabinet:lolsign:. So here's my
'From this.... To This' version.

From this.....

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.....To this
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Hi bro,
Yeah. I had about 1 year living out of a cupboard. But now, I upgraded to a real cabinet I found here...


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Updated 20th November, 2017

So, I just moved to the Near East for a couple of years. I've been here 1 week now and finally set up my new "cabinet".

Unfortunately, because of the 30 kg baggage allowance, exorbitant excess baggage charges and unreliable shipping, and alleged crime rate, I had to limit what I could bring to just 18 of my favourite pairs...which has now grown to 28 pairs.

Yes. You may cry for me. LOL.

I went from this....
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To this....
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To this....
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1. @zwc0442 442 custom Hulks with DWP
2. Stealth hammerstem Juliet with Prizm Road
3. Copper Hammerstem Juliet with emerald
4. Rust Decay Hammerstem with fire iridium polarized
5. @THE X-MAN custom red juliets with IH violet iridium
6. Ferrari Carbon blade with ruby
7. Custom polished carbon XS with @SiRacer420 etched "Ichiro" slate lens & white rubbers (traded to @SoulFulFrog)
8. Polished penny with @Chris A Hardaway DWP custom cuts
9. Titanium R1 with gold dillon lenses
10. @SouLFuLFrog fire decay Racing Jackets Gen 2 with @Chris A Hardaway custom cut fire iridium polarized
11. @SouLFuLFrog custom "chameleons"
12. Neon Radars with Photochromics
13. Gascans Digital Camo
14. Custom "Infinite Hero" Racing Jackets with OEM violet lenses/other lenses
15. Custom cleared monster dogs with VR50
16. Madman with ruby polarized
17. Carbon fibre Red Bull with black polarized
18. Ducati Wind Jacket with multiple lenses
19. @THE X-MAN custom white with hammer stems and matte blue dillon lenses
20. Finito Juliet with VR28
21. Mag Four Dark Carbide/Black Iridium
22. Hatchet Ducati/black iridium (from legend, @Beardo0628)
23. Pitboss 1 Tron with sapphire custom cuts by @Chris A Hardaway
24. Jawbone Cape Epic
25. Matte Tortoise/Emerald Iridium - Colette Julian David
26. Gascan polished black/grey VW limited edition
27. Holbrooks Atmos custom (by @dr.chop)
28. Why 3 Rx
29. (On their way) Carbon Prime/ruby
30. (On their way) Jawbone Atmos
31. (On their way) Jawbone Deuce Coupe unreleased

Oakley Bottle opener (from @SiRacer420)
Gold carbon fibre money clip
Stickers (from @SiRacer420)
Unreleased employee badge
2014 Oakley Pin
Canadian Coin (from @SoulFulFrog)
Custom X-metal Vaults in copper and polished
Medium aluminium torpedo vault
Small aluminium torpedo vault X2
Juliet coin
Oakley Goggles X2 pairs
Oakley Factory Pilot gloves
Shoe one black kevlar shoes
Rust decay stand (from @Trucker360)
Oakley Lens cleaner
Multiple clear stands

(What was left behind....)
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How did I miss this?? Awesome collection!!

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