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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Clear frames, blue ear socks, blue (ice?) iridium lenses. $65 shipped CONUS (no personal payment needed, I'll eat the fees) or trade for Frogskin/Holbrook frames

    Here's the deal on these. I paid a fair amount on ebay because the description was crap and the pictures were crap. I have tried to take decent pictures, but I am not a photographer. I will try my best to describe them.

    Frames; lots of small scuffs/scratches. 1 small crack on upper lens frame (pictured below). Lens holds firmly in place. Arms are a firmly attached, but do move very freely. I wouldn't say they are loose, but they don't feel tight like a brand new pair. Overall I would rate 4/10.

    Lenses; small hairline scratches, 1 lens has what looks like a small permanent finger print. It does affect vision. Is it terrible? No. Are they wearable? Yes. I wear them for a minute or two and then it seems I don't even notice it. However, when you are described that the small "mark" does not affect vision and when you get them and it does, it tends to make you upset. Not to mention the original photos made them look flawless. Maybe I have better vision and some people don't notice it? My wife says she doesn't, but she wears coke bottle lenses so that's like asking a deaf person what music sounds like. I'd rate them 5/10.

    So, what you'll get is a complete pair of 2nd Gen M Frames that could be warn for stuff you don't want to risk ruining "good" shades. Or buy a new lens and be good to go. I don't have a box or bag but will put them in a big Jupiter bag when sold or traded.

    My best attempt at photos. I know my photos are junk too, but hey, at least I've described them accurately.
    Gen 2 M Frames - 761517D4-656C-4DA7-97F7-69F908CF7BD7-3409-0000052C56497626_zps3a22aaa3.jpg

    Small crack pictured here...
    Gen 2 M Frames - 2BBAA8EA-24B6-4FC8-A02A-E158482E625C-3409-0000052C883F8B4B_zps3f9a2e05.jpg

    Gen 2 M Frames - 959A6990-B985-435D-8221-50B50869E465-3409-0000052C8E376F2A_zpscc398adb.jpg

    Gen 2 M Frames - 5D6DF288-9BEE-46E9-A8FF-BA7DC7C26521-3409-0000052C951B5FA8_zps442e102d.jpg

    Gen 2 M Frames - 57C175A0-E31F-499E-8DE3-577093D9C202-3409-0000052C9C5E9C26_zps5dc8d993.jpg

    Gen 2 M Frames - 02152B9F-8B9B-4365-8E6A-F61B1013D96A-3409-0000052CA2E28AD3_zpsaaab3db2.jpg

    Gen 2 M Frames - C6AA9D5C-E127-4E80-A345-B259B9B697F5-3409-0000052CA8F0EA9C_zps9c6c9938.jpg
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Pm sent
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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