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Grey Smoke/+Red And Matte Black /Ice Flack Jacket XLJ

the piper

I should Work at Oakley
Got my Grey Smoke/+Red and Matte Black /Ice Flaks Xlj and have decided to give O a rest indefinitely The company has changed..I have changed and people are only gonna get sick of me saying how large everything fits so... wish I had camera The Grey smoke/+Red are great and these are both a good high to go out on...gues I'll still check in a while in but wish people luck in their Goldbrook quest and have to say splice D is one GREAT buyer/trader and person...
Take Care piper. yeah it's hard for someone whose been a fan of a company like O, from their beginnings to where they are now can either be loved or hated, and for you it's becoming the latter. I will always love the O, I may not always agree with everything but then again you can't please everyone. They will always be a big part of me though! As long as I can wear a few of their frames im happy.

I hope to see you around this forum again!