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Oahu, Hawaii
Hey Guys so a member @thisguy will be out visiting Oahu and wanted to meet up. Wanted to see who would like to join. Dates to choose from are May 17, 18, 19 that is a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. During the week we could do maybe 6ish?? Saturday early lunch? He needs to enjoy what Hawaii has to offer.
I am thinking at Ala Moana Center. Easy to find and lots of parking for visitors. Shirokiya Japan Village? A lot of room and plenty of places to eat and drink. Plus an O-store there if they want to go.
@Uluahunter @iamFLIP @Sup808
I know there are more members that live in the 808, please tag them. These are the 3 I have met and spent time with. All are welcome.

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