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Hey guys, just found these Juliet's when cleaning up - approximate value?


Oakley Beginner
Hi everyone, I found these when cleaning up and reminded of my motorbike riding days... Anyway, deciding if I keep or sell. S/N begins with JI so I think 1st gen plasma/ice?

Any advice appreciated :)

Oakley Juliet SN.PNG

Thanks, W
Sounds like you joined the forum for this pair to find its worth. Its used and most likely has scratches on the lenses, frames, and needs new rubber and tightening. So in all fairness a frame within the US would be worth 125-150 in that condition. Someone has to have it refinished, tightened, new rubber, and new lenses. So $150 put into it. on top of the purchase price. Shipping from overseas either makes people not buy them or it better be a really good deal. Just the way it is, everyone wants things within a few days. Hope this helps

PS--- That serial makes no difference, its a 30k serial, so it is so high it doesn't matter.
No more than $200...

If I was you, I'd keep them, tune them and get some nice lenses for them, unless you take the $150-175 you "may" get offered for them...

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