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  1. Skito

    Skito Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys,

    what would you pay for a Juliet Plasma/Ice, 2nd Gen in Box with Coin, Condition 9/10?
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  2. racs09

    racs09 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Im no expert yet, but i would not pay more than $300. I still see some plasma/ice pol at some Ostores here for retail at $400. So i would'nt buy it if its price is close to a BNIB. But again, i am fairly new to the forum and oakley collecting so i am no expert
  3. Sundalo

    Sundalo Oakley Expert

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    Same here in Florida, we even have $350 non polar models still. I think the Ostore has 10 pairs of polarized and non polarized models. Not sure how many in our Vaults.