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  1. fr0st

    fr0st Oakley Beginner

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    So, a guy on CL near me has a pair of Juliet's up for 275$. Assuming perfect condition, coin included, etc, is this an average, good, or bad price ? Bad pic included below: :tongue:

    Juliet Price Check - mXy7y.jpg
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  2. davem

    davem Oakley Beginner

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    Around here I'll say that is an average price ( Ontario ) some deals for 150 - 200$ and some dreamers for 400$ +
  3. Sanford

    Sanford Oakley Beginner

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    ya and your also getting the box and coin, to me thats a good deal. You can also negotiate a better price... GL
  4. Oakley Stephen

    Oakley Stephen Oakley Collector

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    It not a great deal but it still a deal. I would try to talk him down to the 225-250 range then your getting a great deal
  5. dcl10

    dcl10 Oakley Beginner

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    Well this LNIB pair just went for a little above original retail on eBay ( 261070361196 ). Now the X-metal pairs seem to be getting a premium for some reason, and the one you posted looks like plasma, but still I don't think that price is outrageous given the current market. I generally expect a bit of a discount coming off craigslist, and the last pair I bought which was similar I paid $ 170 for. He's asking more along the lines of eBay prices. I think low to mid $200s would as high as I'd personally go. Buying right now is also a bit of a gamble. If the new metals are something increadable then prices may go down to what they were 12 months ago, if they are not you might be looking at paying significantly more for that pair in the future.
  6. Uluahunter

    Uluahunter Oakley Collector

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    There's many factors to consider here...
    - Are you buying them to wear and collect, or just to be shelf queen's?
    - If you're buying to wear, then you'd likely be able to find a less expensive pair elsewhere. Granted, a cheaper deal probably won't have the box, coin and papers included. But then again, you really wouldn't care if you're going to wear them regularly. Another member here recently scored a pair off CL for $40!
    - If you're buying to collect and wear, then you'd probably want to negotiate a lower price...maybe in the $175-$200 range. Even upwards of $225 would be an okay deal for this set. And if the seller is true in his description of it being almost perfect, then start negotiating.
    - If your buying shelf queen's, then functional condition shouldn't really matter because they'll be displayed and not worn. As collectible's go though, you'd probably want the complete package (box, coin, bag, papers with matching serial #'s on frame and box). If all of these criteria fit what you're looking for in a shelf queen, then $275 isn't a bad deal, but I still think there is room for negotiation. If not, patience is a virtue...if Juliet's are what you're interested in, there's a good size market for them out there still, just have to be diligent and patient and something will come along.

    All that said, the only reason I could see paying the seller's asking price for these would be if they're are a specific model #, specific serial #, specific color combo or you absolutely just need this particular pair. Good luck either way!!!
  7. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    275 for mint with full box is a good price.
  8. Pulga

    Pulga Oakley Beginner

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    I'm seeing most Juliets from "reputable" sellers on e-bay for $250 - $300, so it looks like you got a good deal. Seen a few here in Seattle for $350 gently used. I also see ones whose prices start with $1xx "NIB" but those make me way too nervous to even consider.