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Just Found The Site... Long Time Fan


Oakley Enthusiast
Just found this forum... looking forward to sharing with people who have my same addiction.

Some of you are as addicted as me... right?


That's the most current pic of the group. Here's the complete list:

  1. London Police Gascan
  2. Troy Lee Gascan
  3. Ducati Gascan
  4. Transformers Gascan 3d
  5. Tron Gascan 3d (Currently on eBay)
  6. Flying Tiger Gascan (Sand/Blue)
  7. Nicky Hayden Oil Rigs
  8. Casey Stoner Ducati Scalpel
  9. Moto GP Fuel Cell
  10. Juliets
  11. Canteen
  12. Half Jacket
  13. Plaintiff
Always buying selling... so let me know what you guys have ;)

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