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Lenses for Minute 1.0 - Reputable in UK


Oakley Beginner
Hi All
I have a pair of Minute 1.0, these are all scratched and they will become my first project pair... When I get a new pair of Oakley's (can't decide on a pair yet).

I did buy a pair of replacement lenses from a seller on Ebay, a very good seller I must say, ordered on the Thursday they arrived on the Friday, I paid £20.00. They were advertised as meeting all safety requirements with regards UV protection.

I opened them up and popped them in, the right hand lens fitted a treat, these lenses were alot thinner than the original lenses, however, the left was loose and fell out. I contacted the seller who sent another set out that arrived the next day, very apologetic... These were exactly the same, I am now sending them back and getting a refund. Seller has been great though.

I had been searching lots to find UK based lens suppliers. I came across the forum sponsor's, I have found lenses in the US for about $10 from one of the sponsors sites, will these be ok as they are sponsor's of this forum, I not sure about duty/shipping etc. Any UK members on here that can recommend a lens seller.

I have emailed Oakley as well asking for advice about replacement lenses, this was mainly out of curiosity, just wondering what they say about glasses that are no longer produced. I didn't really want to pay £50+ to have some lenses cut now, not until I decide on what colour I will paint them and lens colour.
Thanks in advance.

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Oakley Expert
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Devon, uk
Custom cut is always the best option for quality. You could checkout ‘sublimeoptics’ on ebay a seller from australia. Good selection of colours, ive had a couple a sets from them and at the price point they are very good. Just allow 3/4weeks Delivery. Im uk based.


Jon the Don

DB Extraordinaire
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Kent, England
I have got some Fuse lenses in my Minutes, both my 1.0’s and 2.0’s.

Perfect fit and are good to look through, their Customer Service is good too, in my experience.

They ship from the states very quickly and if you get the timing right, they run some good promo’s.


Oakley Beginner
I've always used polarlens for mine. They have decent feedback and I've never had any problems with them. They were great for all my straight jackets and deviation which can sometimes be quite hard to find.

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