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  1. MynameisAlex

    MynameisAlex Oakley Beginner

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    Anyone else here play live poker? If so, Id be interested in your opinion on the matter? Personally I am okay with people who wear sunglasses at the poker table.
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  2. 2_hotty

    2_hotty Oakley Beginner

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    I play. However I'm almost always in the 1/2 fish pond. At these stakes, you look like a douche with glasses on, and I do make fun of people wearing them. If you need an edge to beat this game, you should quit poker.

    High stakes, have at it if you think it helps ya. I've tried it in tournaments and I can see that people act differently when they don't know you're looking at them, so in that case it works. However, I'm primarily a cash player and if you can't beat 1/2 without help, pokers probably not your thing.