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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Could anyone tell me anything more about it? I am really looking for this style lens in particular. And do these lenses work with the new m frames? Because that is what I really want!
    Last edited by a moderator: 5/22/14
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous X-Metalhead

    thats the 67 lens i im not wrong. and yes, all mframe lenses are interchangeable between generations. but thosr are bloody rare, only the strip lens is rarer
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I saw one on ebay. White with a fire going for low at the moment. 4 days left in the auction. Put that sucker on my watch list... I would love to snag a pair of these. Just bonkers retro-ness. Are the V lenses not as rare as 67 then?
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous X-Metalhead

    ive personally just seen the v lenses more than the 67, but not off by far.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous M Frame Lover

    Not true, there are enough differences that some will not fit. I have a Gen2 pair with a lens that won't fit any of my other frames.

    I'd say the 67 would work, but I've only ever seen the original Hybrid in a modern frame, never any of the other old cuts.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous X-Metalhead

    ive seen the Slash lens in a new Mframe as well. some NBA baller was rocking them in a match.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    this is incorrect, not all lenses are compatible with all m-frames frames.

    you need to look at the lugs on the lense (the little bit that sticks out on the corner of the lense that goes into the frame)

    some are larger than others.

    if it is large it will go in and stay, but if it is smaller it will drop straight out or go in but the lense will move up and down in the cente, then drop out.

    depending where and when you look, id say the hybrid is definately the most common, followed by the 67, 'v' and the strip (never) lol!

    i pretty much only collect vintage and of all my lenses, only 'some' of my gen 1 & gen 2 hybrid, heater, sweep amd strike lenses will fit the gen 3 frames.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous X-Metalhead

    learnt somehing new. i know for sure the slash was seen in a new frame though. wether modifie or not i dont know, but its fairly easy to trim big tabs to the regular tab shape so it fits in all mframes? or is it not possible for some reason
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i guess ifyou have a steady hand you could trim the tabs, but if you crack it or snap it off the lense is useless......to get a good fit into a new gen 3 frame you need the bigger lugs.....or if your sad glue a small lugged lense into it!
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    by the way, i believe that mumbo is danns from the o-review...its the only one ive seen with the mint green earsocks :)