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  1. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    Thanks go to @marc2040 for hooking me up with a couple of these kits. He happened in to a pair, doesn't wear M Frames, and I kind of own a pair or two so I took them off his hands.

    I've only had these a few hours at home, so bear in mind this is an initial reaction is all, not an in-depth review (I'll add to it later).

    My biggest concern was the infringement on peripheral vision, but thankfully it's pretty minor. I can see the gasket, but it's pretty minor. Perhaps a bit of downward vision is blocked, but not as bad as I had feared.

    The kit snaps on pretty easily. Fits my 2.0 and 'New' frames without issue, though the non-ballistic frames don't have the clip so the Helo can potentially slide along the frame.

    M Frame Helo Kit Review - FECADFBC-0B12-4E5B-8D75-4CED9F9C0A5E-26430-00001C92F822E7EA_zps9fdc2f95.jpg

    The biggest downfall for me is that these don't provide a complete seal. I'm not sure they're supposed to, but I figured they would. At the bottom along my cheek they don't touch.

    M Frame Helo Kit Review - AE3D6C70-6F5D-4E57-8571-CB2279C2F643-26430-00001C92E278E714_zps439e7cc5.jpg

    But, the good news is they still work better than nothing. I have a high-power turbine fan at home and compared the frame with and without the Helo kit and noticed a lot less air blowing into my eyes. It didn't seal, but it closed off a lot of the gaps so air couldn't rush through there. Maybe that's more the intent of the design?

    The second, less important, downside is that they do make the already unpopular look of the M Frame even more goofy with clear lenses.

    M Frame Helo Kit Review - 59645B35-A0BA-4D71-AE11-C7458A882136-26430-00001C92E91C67AE_zpsdd13ee03.jpg

    Amber polarized doesn't look so bad, though
    M Frame Helo Kit Review - 090B0FE3-D66F-454F-82DF-11E7D28DF23A-26430-00001C9310FF1D46_zps6ea3651e.jpg

    And my initial thoughts were that it wouldn't work with other lenses at all. I tried the heater (naturally) and was bummed at the big gaps.
    M Frame Helo Kit Review - 04FC8C88-77F7-4653-BE82-4B6D878AB108-26430-00001C9328FB14E5_zpscd3dc029.jpg

    Thankfully the gasket is flexible enough that it still does a pretty decent job conforming to the contour of the big lens.
    M Frame Helo Kit Review - 2D4ED8B5-926A-4B5E-88D2-88021DA98E05-26430-00001C931CA70250_zpsfdb4b778.jpg

    I'm not sure how well it will work on just a normal frame, I'm thinking a strap is going to be needed to help keep the gasket firmly in place. There is a fair amount of springiness to the gasket, so it doesn't feel like it sucks onto your face and wants to stay there.

    The soft, springy rubber may lead to being pretty weak on the durability and long-life points, but I don't anticipate using this all too often. One set will live at work if I ever need them there, one will live in the case at home should the need arise.

    I have a 2.0/3.0 strap, and a Slash Strap Kit, so I should be all set!

    I can test it with other lens sizes if anyone is curious.
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  2. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    Thanks for your thoughtful review.

    Here are the unboxing pics from the other thread:
    M Frame Helo Kit Review - 11nkjm1.jpg M Frame Helo Kit Review - 12p2ktf.jpg M Frame Helo Kit Review - 13y4kx4.jpg M Frame Helo Kit Review - 14ujjnr.jpg M Frame Helo Kit Review - 15yzjlf.jpg M Frame Helo Kit Review - 16fwk1b.jpg M Frame Helo Kit Review - 17mmk09.jpg
  3. Jets4421

    Jets4421 Oakley Beginner

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    So the helo's
    do infact fit on the m frame 1.0, but they just slide a little?

    M Frame Helo Kit Review - image.jpg
    Last edited: 3/22/17
  4. Sun & Sand

    Sun & Sand Oakley Collector Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Thank you, @Rustpot , for the review and the photos!
    I'm happy to hear that you experienced reduced wind blast after installing these, but I would have thought that a Helo kit would provide a more complete seal.
    Seems like, for a complete seal, I should stick with Ballistic Goggles.