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Couple pictures next to old school x metal…




I’m glad O-bro’s were able to get a truly rare and unique item. It looks like most folks were happy with their purchase and that’s awesome.

If it wasn’t such a high price, I might have joined them. Instead I was able to get 2 PB1’s, a 24k XX, and a Yellow MM for less than.

Great to see the comparisons shots as well. Also nice to see the commercial advancement of the 3D printed titanium process. From the pics, the metal frame & X metal finish look near perfect.
Could it not be argued that X Metal finishes are not meant to be perfect? 🤔
/Sarcasm missed.
Where do you keep your ejection seat? If you’re talking crap about mine, step your game up. I’m trying to close a deal to get a second for the room and having a matching set
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