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My Collection (10 Pics)


Oakley Beginner
My collection is fairly small but its getting there.

Plasma Juliets / Ice Iridium

Polished Split Jacket with Text - Ice Iridium and Black iridium Polarized

Silver Spring hinge A Wire - Ice Iridium Lens

Polished Black Flak Jacket - Ice Iridium Polarized

Half Wire Version 1

Blue M Frame - Persimon Lens ( Shooting Glasses )

XX Twenty - Ice Iridium

Whisker - Black Iridium Polarized


Matte Black Monster Dog - Gold Iridium Polarized
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C wire I think. They were given to me partly because it needs new lenses

Razoe Blade Lens - Frame was Stolen years ago :(
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Thanks for the Kind comments.

There for awhile i think I only purchased Ice/Blue lenses
Still want the Ice Polarized for the Juliets but i think that will be the last Blue for awhile.
If I can even find them