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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by stevan5150, 9/3/11.

  1. stevan5150


    Hey guys just thought i would post pics of my man cave. It goes over all of my interests that are in my life......
    My Man Cave - IMG_2033.jpg

    My Man Cave - IMG_2034.jpg

    My Man Cave - IMG_2035.jpg

    My Man Cave - IMG_2036.jpg

    My Man Cave - IMG_2037.jpg

    My Man Cave - IMG_2038.jpg

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  2. JayMann


    OMG Wizard i remember that lol

    May i ask how you got a light in the top of your Oakley case as mine one didn't come with one!?

  3. stevan5150


    I lined the top of it with LEDs . Mine didn't come with lights either

  4. Batman_1939


    Nice Neo Geo machine. How many games are on yours?

  5. JayMann


    Wicked i'll have to have a look in the lighting for it

    Sweet room by the way!

  6. stevan5150


    I used to collect neo geo carts and that was an expensive hobby my collection was worth over 20 grand. So I decided to sell it all to
    Fund a new Mesa boogie guitar amp and a specialized sworks Mtn bike. I was scanning craigslist one day and found this cab on there
    For only 50 bucks so I bought it cleaned it up , fixed the monitor put new joysticks and buttons on it. Then decided that instead of
    Diving back into trying to buy every single cart so I purchased a 161 in 1 multi cart that has 161 neo games on it for only 170 bucks lol
    It looks great in the room since I was going for a theater room feel no theater is complete without a stand up arcade lol

  7. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    nice playground dude! i have my own O-room :eek:))

  8. jiveSEVEN


    That's a pretty sweet mancave dude! After my fiance and I get married and buy a house, I am hoping she will let me dedicate a room to all my geek-related items!

  9. JayMann


    Mate just do it one day when she's out at work once it's done what can she do not like she'll move it all?? lol

  10. jiveSEVEN


    Good idea haha..

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