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Need some expert advice!


Oakley Beginner
Hey Friends,

As I have stated already in some other posts. I am relatively new to the Oakley collecting hobby. While my initial interest stemmed from the unique styles of watches they created back in the early 2000s/90s through more research and thanks to this forum I've grown very fond of some of the older sunglasses they produced. I've done some research myself but have struggled a bit to piece together what exactly I should be looking for in the budget I have so I thought I would come to you all! I enjoy the styles of many of the early 2000s glasses. The more slim-eyed ones intrigue me and the metal frame or I believe is called the X-metal series is super cool too (I realize that's probably not in my budget). I'm a student in school who works a weekend job once a week so my budget isn't huge. Would you have any recommendations for maybe a nice pair under $200, let me know if that's unrealistic as well.

Thank you for all the help it means a lot. I'm sure a lot of new folk come in here asking simular questions so I super appreciate your help even though you may answer this question often. :smile:
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Welcome 😁, save a little money and get yourself a Romeo 1 you can't go wrong..