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New member in Ireland with X-Metal ti02 & straight jacket


Oakley Beginner
Hi all

New member here with a couple of older models. Got these over 10 years ago and been in the rotation since. I have been told recently the X-Metals I have might be worth somthing and should not be throwing it about like I do. It is on 24K Iridiums which I bought seperately, black Iridiums came with the originally. No idea what they are really and any insight on it will be cool.

Photo 27-07-2019, 13 04 21.jpg

Photo 27-07-2019, 12 40 35.jpg

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It’s a XX. ( double x). TiO2 is the color of the frame. That means plasma orbitals and x metal nose and arms. It came with black lenses but you have 24k in it now.

It’s worth a decent amount but you just keep wearing it. That’s what it’s for. When it gets all sloppy we have guys here that can fix it up. I can do it but you want a guy closer to home.

Welcome to OF.