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Oakley factory employee collection

While working in production at the Oakley world headquarters I had access to a handful of factory-only employee-exclusive sample sales. Boxes were removed to prevent resell, but I had picked up quite the personal collection. New and old pairs, brand new and stored somewhere for us to purchase. I have a pair of eye jackets that don’t have pad print and haven’t found them online. Some older straight jackets and the Oakley minute. Even picked up a pair of SI flak jackets. Limited collections and color ways that were never mass produced and common pieces as well. View attachment 1114233View attachment 1114238

Not sure what I’ll end up doing with them, as I wear most of them with outfits I put together. This is my cookie for the endless hours of production I’ve done.

The best part is that I paid less than $1k for everything here. Katos, encoders, goggles, and cases included.

Let me know what you think! Any info on the collections helps since a lot are NPIs and samples that didn’t make it to my immediate internet searches

View attachment 1114234

View attachment 1114235

View attachment 1114236

View attachment 1114237

View attachment 1114239
Awesome collection!