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We review everything to know about the Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses!
Oakley sunglasses have always been synonymous with merging a unique, iconic design with innovation for outdoor sports. The qualities of fashion meets function are why the brand is still globally renowned and appreciated today. And the Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses are no exception!

What are Fast Jackets?
Oakley Fast Jacket and Fast Jacket XL sunglasses appeared on the market in Summer 2011. Their main innovation was an all new way to swap lenses, Switchlock technology, which made the process easier than ever before.
The vision behind the Fast Jacket and Fast Jacket XL models was the ability to switch specialized polycarbonate lenses out in an instant using the same frame via a snap-in locking system named Switchlock.
While these sunglasses were phased out over time and discontinued, they laid the foundation for many of the sports frames we have today like the...

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