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Celebrating Patrick Mahomes’ success on and off the field, Oakley is launching the Patrick Mahomes II Limited Edition collection. Right in time for the start of NFL football season, the new Mahomes collection includes 4 styles: the Oakley Kato, Sutro Ti, Sutro Lite, and Resistor.
Oakley Patrick Mahomes II Collection
Released as a part of Oakley Quarter 3 2022 frames, the Patrick Mahomes II collection brings a red and gold color style to four frames.
As mentioned above, the new Patrick Mahomes II Collection features four frames:

Oakley Kato
Oakley Sutro Lite
Oakley Sutro Ti (New frame)
Oakley Resistor (New youth frame)

Our Initial Thoughts
In theory, this is a fun collaboration that builds on the...

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Wasn’t there a contrail which was a Patrick mahomes frame as well? Pretty sure it was a black frame with prizm black lenses.

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