Oakley Enthusiast
Thanks to Curt for hosting the event, it was a great group of guys, an amazing time, and the food was on point. Curt's collection is seriously world class. Hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did


The Big Shield King
No transactions per se. We had some beers, some ribs and a shot out of O shot glasses while we gathered around the marble altar and sacrificed a couple pair of Big Tacos. One pair were saved as they were traded for a pair already chopped so I guess there was one transaction.
OakleyG brought some very rare and interesting pieces and we had some official O representation too.
I do hope that all had a nice time and went home knowing a little more about the hobby.
I'm looking forward to doing it again, probably late summer when we can do a little more- like a poolside poker game and maybe a cornhole tourney.
Thanks for attending y'all!
Glad yall had a great time. Sad about the Taco. Lol

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