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  1. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    Can anyone advise what a reasonable price would be for a pair of 2nd gen Titanium/Gold Juliets,no box or coin in what is described as very good condition.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. InfiniteHero

    InfiniteHero Entrepreneur Premium Member

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    Please do not quote me but maybe pending pics 260-300. PM Brip and he can give you a better feel. Pics are almost a must though. If you put them on for 225 to 250 they should go pretty quick. I have seen good Juliets go for 180 225 though. I hope this helps. I think you need qo posts and 10 days to look at the xmetal exchange.
  3. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    Ok, Thanks.
  4. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    a gen 2 is less desireable than a gen1 but still rare. if lenses are 8/10 and above (gold iridium is rare now) you can expect up to 250. as with all juliets rubber and frame condition as well as lens condition is important
  5. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    Bit of a crossed wire here ,I was looking at a pair to buy,frames in good nick,a few light scratches on lenses ,I just needed to know the price range they fell into,I ended up paying $190 , so will just have to see what turns up in the post.

    Thanks all for advice.