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Prizm black polarized: With or w/o iridium?


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I've be reading in this forum a lot during the last few days and did research in the Oakley product descriptions.

Still I cannot figure out the following: Do the Prizm black polarized glasses include the iridium coating? Or don't they?

On the official Oakley website I didn't find any hint that PBP contains iridium coating. The word "iridium" is never mentioned by Oakley relating to "Prizm black polarized". Seemingly not even related to any other Prizm glasses.

Even so in this forum some subscribers refer to glasses "Prizm black iridium polarized". Some even offer glasses with this description for sale.

Can anyone with profound knowledge of this can solve the confusion?

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Yes they still have iridium. Its just not in the title. Too many words

Prizm is a family of contrast lenses that filter specific lights for specific situations.

Iridium is a colorful coating applied to the outside of the lens.

So Prizm Black Polarized is:

A lens with black iridium coating on a lens blank that specific does added to it in order to filter certain lights(vary by lens)...and some added layers of polarization.

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