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Question about Category 3 and 4 lenses and light transmission


Oakley Beginner
Does the light transmission allowed by the lenses have any effect on the damage to eye health? For example all lenses have 100% UV protection but would lighter or clear lenses not offer as much protection as dark lenses? Most Oakley lenses are Category 3 or lower but Category 3 is described as being for "cloudy conditions", which doesn't make sense. Would lenses that allow more light transmission increase the likelihood of "obtaining eye health disorders" as Oakley puts it.

- Category 4 lenses (below 8% VLT) blocks more UVB rays and intense light, which may reduce the chance of obtaining eye health disorders
- Category 3 lens is an effective solution for both protection and visibility in cloudy or partly cloudy conditions

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I don't think so............ actually a very dark lens could damage your eyes more than a light lens, because your pupils react to light...... so they will be more open with a dark lens, and thereby let in more damaging rays.

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