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  1. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I've got my eye out for a good deal on X-Metals, but right now I don't know if I should be eliminating some of the frames from my search.

    I have a big head, so smaller frames are an issue for me.

    What is the sizing hierarchy for the X-Metals line?

    In my mind the lineup is like this
    Romeo 2 > Romeo > X Squared > XX > Juliet > Penny

    The Vault near me only has a pair or two and they're in a locked case behind the register (meaning I feel bad to be casually trying on locked up display pieces). If they only have a Juliet to try on it would be nice to know the Romeo or X2 are bigger so if I run into a deal online I'll know what should work.

    Medium fitting frames like Monster Pups, Straight Jacket, Twenty technically fit, but they're too small to fit well. Tens, M-Frames, Hijinx, etc are more suited for my head size.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. S-works

    S-works 奥克利专家

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    lineup should be as follows, in terms of sizing... largest to smallest

    Romeo > X Squared > XX > Romeo 2 > Juliet > Penny

    hope this helps
  3. Johnny Hundreds

    Johnny Hundreds Banned

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    i would really suggest an x-squared...
    i have a fairly large face... i cannot for the life of me wear juliets...even though i like them alot.
    i can't wear half jackets, and...can sometimes if i'm in the mood BARELY pull off a flak jacket.

    X-squareds are the perfect metal for me...

    they're like the juliets,just slightly larger.

    my advice to you...is just go up there and let them try the sunglasses on.
    they work there, people ask to try them on alot... theyre not going to outcast you and be upset because they have to pull them out.
    if you don't do it...someone else is going to do it anyways.

    i think x-metals...i take that back. i think you NEED to try on any frame before you buy it...
    there could be some weird instance where you put it on and it hits your cheeks...or there's gaps above or to the sides of your face
    and there's stray light coming in and you can't stand the frame...

    so, just go and ask them to pull out the metals!

    however! if you still don't want to... get an x-squared.
    they're beautiful... and they'll be large enough.
    they're also not HUGE, like romeos... which i think may be a little large for anyone.
    the frame itself... has alot of metal... lol.
  4. SpliceD

    SpliceD B-)

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    Hmmm... i disagree. XX is bigger than the XS. And you forgot the Mars and the Half X in there :smile:

    @Rustpot - Try on a pair of Juliets and XS and see if the frame will stretch enough for your head. It's not so much about the orbitals fitting, but about whether the earstems will get around your head. Another variable is if the frame is worn. For example:

    A brand new, tight mars will not fit me. The earstems just don't go around my head. But i've also tried a pretty beat up pair and i was able to put it on. I just looked stupid with them on.

    I can wear Monster Pups just fine. Hijinx are kinda big on me, but wearable. I just don't like that they hit my cheeks so much. Oil Rigs don't sit on my face right because my nose bridge is small and the base curve makes the outside corners of the orbitals pinch my cheek.

    Juliets fit me fine and the XS actually feels tighter on the sides of my head. I think it might be due to the earstems actually being shorter.

    X Metal XX is actually kinda loose on me, but i prefer them.

    I just sold JiveSEVEN some Pennys but i put them on before sending them his way and while i was able to put them on due to the spring hinges, my head pushed them out and the frames looked tiny on my face.

    If i were to guess for you, i would pick Juliets for you as they're still readily available. If you want something that fits better, look into getting a used XX or Romeo 1. XS might be a bit tight from my own personal experience.
  5. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    Good feedback so far.

    The temple is the narrowest part of my head, so I can physically wear just about any frames. I think the Minute and Jury are the only pairs I didn't want to try and force on. Then frames with very little flex such as the Sideways don't work either. Fives, Fours, Twenty, Tens, all sit comfortably without any pinching, it's just whether or not the nose bridge is too narrow, forcing the frames to sit too high on my face and leaving big gaps at the bottom and the frame is fully visible in my peripheral vision.

    I might hit the Vault on my way home from work. There's only been one time I've been in there when the entire staff wasn't busy, usually I have to wait to get a set of lenses or see something in a case. So I feel guilty taking up their time, especially since before now I was definitely not in the market for an X-Metal.
  6. NMOne

    NMOne Oakley Beginner

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    Just one thing - if you try on a pair of Juliets, don't try to put them on like a regular pair of sunglasses. Doing so may feel uncomfortable especially if they are a pair that hasn't really been worn and are still pretty tight in the flex coupler and earstems. Put them on like a pair of goggles - set the earstems behind your ears and then lower the lenses over the front of your face. I would actually suggest trying this with any X-Metal as they seem to fit more snugly than any other sunglass set I've ever tried.
  7. jiveSEVEN

    jiveSEVEN I Should Work at Oakley...

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    Good tips here!
  8. Mr. K

    Mr. K Oakley Enthusiast

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    Give the XS a try. I am a fan and they get the most use from my collection. I like them.