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  1. Nectam

    Nectam Oakley Beginner

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    Hello everybody.​
    The propurse of the thead is to rise the question of how hard is to get a R1, and ask your opinion see.​
    A year ago I got my R1 just frames in good shape and medium shape rubbers for 200 usd no box/coin.​
    Yesterday got another pair no lens, frame in good shape,rubbers in good shape too for 300 no box/coin.​
    (both are grey XM )​
    Letme tell you that here in Mexico any oakley "old school" is hard to get. (plastic are easy still expensive)​
    some factors are to be consider to make a market comparasion Usa v.s. Mex. for example:​
    All oakley are made or sold in Usa: Lojic dictates then that R1 are easy to get in Usa ( I do no know )​
    but I search on ebay and $999.00 usd for 1​
    If all oakley are made or sold in Usa, then why are so expensive and few in ebay ?​
    Here in Mexico we have a equal page to ebay and some body is selling R1 complete plasma for $899.00 usd ( the guy still selling after a year )​
    I dont know how many R1 are out there but if Usa and Mex are brorder countrys is fair to think that here In Mexico we have more R1 than many countrys do, this idea is supported on the fact that I just found 2 R1 grey xm in good shape and the odd thing is that were in a fea market.!​
    In the time were R1 were selling here in Mexico was still expensive few can buy those the funny thing is I got mine in a flea markt by people that have a good idea on what they were selling.​
    This rise the question if I can get 2 R1 ( in a 2 year time span )​
    How many of you oakley versed contrubutors of this wondwerfull page can get ? because when I got my first pair I don’t think that will see another.​
    I think will be easy to get them in Usa I do not know but if was that easy/hard to get them here in Mexico or there in Usa will the guys of for example Japan get ones this easy/hard ?​
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  2. OEMOR

    OEMOR Oakley Beginner

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    Demand comes and goes, just like you will find an influx of zero 0.3's and other vintage models then all of a sudden they are gone for a couple years. Just be patient and don't over pay for them. They will always be around.
  3. OakleyCan

    OakleyCan Oakley Collector

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    I would consider them rare. Given that they were discontinued nearly a decade ago, its safe to say they will become even more scarce. You got them for a deal too, pretty cool to stumble on those at a flea market.