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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    As I have now exceeded 1000 pairs and gathered a plethora of various types of Oakley items over a 15 year period I have decided to manage my collecting in a more specific and limited way thus being able to offload a significant number of pieces. As I am generally busy I plan to make available just a few items at a time and hope I can assist with the development of the collections within this Forum. I will accept specific, detailed wants lists, and liaise with you personally. This is your chance to capture elusive pieces prior to me offering them, bearing in mind almost all glasses are complete and mint, and many are exceptionally rare. It will take many years to part company with aspects of this collection at the rate at which I can do it, so there will be opportunities over a long period for you to build your own collections. I am hoping to contain everything within this one thread so it is all under one roof, rather than say 100 threads for 100 pieces. This explains why some items here are not glasses, but eyewear will be the main feature. This is generally how we can work together:

    PAYMENT & SHIPPING: UK £'s. Paypal either gift or fees on top for a goods payment so I get the same price either way. Postage is extra with the intention to send all items tracked/signed for, all items will be well packed in a strong box. I will ship to Europe and USA. If you are from elsewhere then message me and we will see if an amicable arrangement can be made. I am happy for anyone to visit to collect items if you are able.

    TRADES: I am only interested in trading for: X Metals: Juliet - Polished/VR28 Black 04-158, & Carbon - Ruby 24-088, Mars - X Metal - Emerald 04-106 serial match. Frogskins Gen 3: Military Rain, Texas Toast (various), Supreme - Brown Camo & Red Tiger, St Valentine's Day, and Andrew Petterson (esp #5 & #35), Blends Prototype, Beams Tortoise pre release.

    PICTURES: I have always admitted to being far behind on any IT, technical gadgetry, iphones, android this, smart that etc, so I am way behind most, if not all of you with pictures on the Forum etc...some others have not been able to upload pics, so I naturally think I have no hope of doing so. Sorry, but I really am an old school, pen and paper, filing cabinet type of guy. Anyway, until I can do that here, I can send pics to your email after you message me. Otherwise, accept the descriptions for what they are and trust what I say.

    RESERVATIONS: If you are short on funds and cannot purchase something you really want, then I am happy to hold it for you. I don't need a deposit, just your desire and confirmation on when you aim to complete a deal and I will do what I can to help you.


    TIME BOMB - X Metal Titanium - Emerald 10-011. Now 12 years old and very limited at the time with only 5 examples reaching the UK, this piece is in the original metal vault and includes the outer labelled card box. Original retail was £1000. Vault is perfect, outer box a fraction below mint. A few links were removed to enable correct fit but have been wrapped and are still present. The watch is PRISTINE FLAWLESS MINT, and has the serial number 000013. Probably as close to a one off chance to acquire this rarity and consider there is NO WAY of finding one better. Given the rarity, age, condition, and original cost, I have considered £900 a very fair asking price.

    TIME BOMB - X Metal Titanium - Carbon Fibre 10-016 EDDIE JORDAN. About 12 years old. Limited to 100, issued in large vault with insert card, plastic photo, plaque, and the serial numbered watch, all housed in outer card box. This carried an original retail price of £1500. Serial # 1 Eddie Jordan had, whilst #2 and #3 went to his drivers. Well, this is number 4/100, in matching box, so how cool is that! The outer box has a look of surface wear but is in excellent shape, and the watch with removed but still present links is PRISTINE FLAWLESS MINT, a better example cannot exist! The only downside is some of the foam has suffered deterioration over time as most seem prone to. £1450.

    TIME BOMB - X Metal Titanium - Blue 10-006 RUSTY WALLACE. Serial number 28/100, retailed at $2500 and available via Oakley USA. This example has excellent condition outer labelled black box, large vault which again suffers from some foam deterioration, and unlike the Jordan this time the photo plaque is actually signed by Rusty. The watch has not had any removed links, and is in MINT PERFECT FLAWLESS CONDITION. These are as close to impossible to find as you can get, whist complete and mint (foam aside) you really have to forget about it....except that one person can acquire this, at a very reasonable £1250.

    POSTER FRAME - Black 89-980. 32" X 45". The frame we all know, love, see in all the Oakley shops and have asked if we can buy one and get told "no" unless you crawl begging when the shop has some type of refit and then if you are very lucky and persevere you may wind up with one with a poster included. This took me so much effort to find and has the Lance Armstrong poster included. £100. (Buyer collects)

    POSTER FRAME - Silver. 32" X 45". The earlier brother to the above with the superb Flea Virostko poster, one of the best photographs ever taken of a sportsman. £100, collect in person only please.

    REP BRIEF CASE. 19.5" X 12.5". Very few made and intended for employees only. This one has been used so shows signs of that but suffers no dents or damage, although the interior foam has degraded but can be removed. I have seen these offered at $1000+, here you can have it for £230, UK buyers only due to it being a bulky item, either post or collect.
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    This definitely needs to be a sticky. Mods?
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    I made it a sticky, but due to his vast collection, please keep the comments in the thread related to the thread only to keep it from getting too congested...deal?
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    pmed you sir about brown flores.. hopefully I can afford it! lol..
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    Payment sent for white science fuel cell.
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    Which Lance Armstrong poster is in the frame?
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    Anonymous The Oakley Rōnin

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    PM Sent