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Shaun White Holbrooks

shelby jean

Oakley Beginner
These have to be the best sunglasses I have EVER owned! Lightweight, and so clear....I don't know why I waited so long! But I am totally hooked on Oakley!

Nice choice! I have 2 pairs of Holbrooks! Polished Black with gray Pol & the STPL one. I love them both. Keep expanding man. Awesom
I bought Shaun White's white Montefrios first and was hooked.....I didn't think I could like any sunglasses better, UNTIL I bought the 24K Holbrooks! I am now Officially an Oakley-addict! :D My only problem is which pair to wear each day! I can't believe how many people comment on them! EVERYBODY loves them! Thanks, Shaun! Thanks, Oakley!!! You've made me one VERY happy girl! :!:
Holbrooks hands down are the sexiest glasses out right now. Even more so than Frogskins... YEAH I SAID IT. lol.
Shaun White and Ducati pair are all I need til I have every pair released.
Keep doin yo thang shelby jean.
These existed before they put Shaun White's signature on them. They were actually in stock in stores back then too. I'm in Michigan and I had to wait to get mine til I was in Chicago and went to the water tower because I didn't buy the originals when I had the chance last summer in the San Francisco store. These really are great though, just like everything else Oakley makes.
anyone else notice that the signature on these holbrooks isnt the same as the signature on the shaun white jupiters?

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