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SpecialAdvisor’s Mad Labs - Mars Leather Mods Plus

Stunt Double is awake and on duty!

Planning on testing the new templates and since I’m using the Stunt Double thought I’d grab some shades of gray. I have Ostrich and Stingray on hand.

In non-gray, I had picked up some very fine leather (as a sunglasses case liner) that is suede on one side and puts me in mind of the MARS original leathers…a bit less burnt orange/cognac, maybe more coyote colored but has the same feel…to me anyway will also try that on for size 👽🤙

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Still ZERO internet and half a bar of cell service…hopefully internet this week 😏🛜👍

My local fur and hide connection here in the Wilds of South Dakota says the local Prairie Rattlers are too small for what I am looking for. That last one was like onion skin. He says Texas Rattlers are the thing.

I’ve found a source and have some incoming. Interestingly they also had some snake “head”’skins. Might make for interesting nose bridge bits.

We shall see! 👽🤙