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Top Gear


Steadily Retiring
Durham, UK
OK. So I'm from UK. The home of Top Gear. You know, Clarkson etc.
But, errrm, I've just caught some Top Gear USA for the first time on our BBC3 (wtf) channel.
OMFG what has the US done to Top Gear? haha LOOL. Please tell me you all agree that this is sh1t right? I mean, you have seen the original?

Gimmicks copied baaaadly from UK shows. Complete with presenters applauding hybrids just cos its Tony Hawks.
That's almost Shaun White style worship.

Just wrong.
Please stop it now.
I agree but I also think that the Brit top gear sucked in its first couple of seasons. I would give the American top gear some time maybe it will get better. But it is far from what Brit top gear has become and is now
I don't believe the BBC has to deal with advertisers so the "Real Top Gear" can say what they want Opinion and Fact about anything featured on the show. In the US, they cannot do that as no network wants to lose advertisers. That is why US Top Gear is a boring show.
As much as I love cars ,I wont watch Top Gear.
I just cant stand Clarkson.

cant say much about the US version as I haven't watched it.
favorite Top Gear host... Captain Slow, James May!!

his dead pan style and over analysis of the freakin obvious... LOL
Clarkson is always often criticized for hating american cars, and only loving certain euro/foreign cars. I heard after the episode when they reviewed the AMG CLK 63 black series, he bought one himself :) and honestly, that is to me their best ever video car review, with the cinematography and everything was just stunning, the music helped!!

Top Gear Mercedes Benz CLK AMG Black Series - YouTube

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