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Waited for 9 days for these.........


......Jedi Mind trickery...........
Premium Member
Kent, England
wow congrats! i have been hunting for this watch for a possible pair up with xx 24k!

worth all the wait

I can remeber when I stayed in Oz for a year, seeing these along with various other lovely pieces, itching to blow my money ...........but had to restrain myself. That was back in 2000. So definitely worth the wait. Thank you @erap

Very cool

Thank you @OakleyGuru379, I like to think so.....

Very nice! Love that color!!! Definitely worth the wait!

Thank you @joecool862, I think it's Scotty Cannon Yellow.
Sweet watch!

Thank you @Nortika, and for the price I paid, I feel at a sweet price too.

Thank you @Teetogreen, see above.