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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by midwestbroncosfan, 8/8/11.

  1. midwestbroncosfan


    I have been dealing with 2 pairs of wire frame Oakleys where the inside clear coat is peeling around the outside edges. It seems to only be happening to my polarized lenses only on my square wire 2.0 and Whiskers. Has anyone else been having this trouble? The outside of the lenses (iridium side) are fine. Can I still wear these or is it too dangerous to wear? I called Oakley and they wouldn't help or offer any kind of help or replacement discount. No way should this be happening considering what we pay for them.

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  2. midwestbroncosfan


    No one is going to help me out here?
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  3. SpliceD


    It's only been 12 hours since you first posted. This forum is active, but not hopping.

    In regards to the coating of your lenses peeling, i have the same problem with my original E-wires. They are not polarized, but were my everyday pair for a good 4 years while i was in college. A lot of it has to do with sweat and the natural oils on your face. Back then, i never thought about cleaning them regularly. Another problem i had was that my eyelashes were long and they would swipe the lens whenever i blinked.

    You should still be able to get replacement lenses for your Whisker from Oakley.com: Oakley WHISKER REPLACEMENT LENSES - Purchase Oakley eyewear from the online Oakley store

    As for your Square Wire 2.0, since they're discontinued, you're kind of stuck. You could try Visionary Lenses and find out when/if they're going to be making lenses for your model. They're pretty good about responding on their facebook page: http://stores.ebay.com.my/Visionary-Lenses

    You could also try calling Oakley again. It really depends on which customer service rep answers you. Some are helpful, others are not. They typically offer you 20% off your next purchase when you send in your discontinued frames.

    Good luck.

  4. midwestbroncosfan


    Thanks! I just ordered new lenses for the Whiskers. I was disappointed I can't get the Titanium Iridium polarized anymore and had to settle with the black iridium polarized. You would think as expensive as these lenses are, they could put some kind of coating on to protect against those oils and lotions.

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