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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by BAPD77, 5/31/11.

  1. BAPD77

    BAPD77 Premium Member

    Whats your favorite pair in your collection? Mine is my 2 Whoisthiskid? Hijinx:

    Your FAVORITE Pair (Crown Jewel) - 29d75d3f.png
    Your FAVORITE Pair (Crown Jewel) - 7a767700.png
    Your FAVORITE Pair (Crown Jewel) - 46e50906.png

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. SpliceD


    My favorite pair is my X Metal XX - 24K Gold

  3. wrist


    Great thread topic BAPD, and awesome pair to choose. I hope to one day own a pair of the WITK Hijinx.

    As for mine, hands down has to be the Stanley Donwood Jupiters. As soon as I heard Stanley was doing a pair I had to have them. Im a huge fan of his artwork, and an even bigger fan of Radiohead, so this pair was a no brainer. Everything about it is beautiful, the texture and detail of the box and the case it came with. The black and white aesthetics, right down to the polarized lenses, this pair is a truly beautiful pair to behold in person.

    Your FAVORITE Pair (Crown Jewel) - DSC_0658.jpg

    Your FAVORITE Pair (Crown Jewel) - DSC_0043-1.jpg

  4. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    That's a really hard call...in terms of what is the rarest in my collection that I'd be least willing to give up, both my XX pairs....ToO2 and 24K...qualify. But, now with the Juliet polished hammerstems discontinued that pair will be in the same category in a couple years. I probably should toss in my incoming pair of the Tron Pit Boss as well because its destined to become the rarest of that line and provides the best color combo in that model

  5. The Game

    The Game

    i would have to say my favorite pair are my anti-freeze/jade iridium radars, only because of the way they came into my possession

  6. wrist


    This thread will be way more awesome with pictures!

  7. music_man185


    do tell :)

  8. The Game

    The Game

    we got a shipment of DE eyewear into the store and as soon as everyone noticed it was just radars they moaned. so i pull one out of the box and as i take it out i notice its not a regular radar but the anti-freeze/jade version. the other employees start tearing though the rest of the shipment but it was the only one. i was so happy because the pair ive always wanted was the anti freeze frogskin and i havent been able to get my hands on those. so the following week we get another shipment of DE eyewear and its all radars again this time they look through them before me and i pull out one of the last boxes. guess what? another pair of anti freeze/jade iridium, this time it the XL blades version. needless to say im banned from being the first to look at the shipment now, but i ended up trading the XL blades version for a pair of crystal black/+ red frogskin

  9. FearGearGarage


    Your FAVORITE Pair (Crown Jewel) - bananabeatfrogskins.jpg

    These are the new favorite, but I already have my eye on something new...lol

  10. wrist


    ^Damnnnn.. That's awesome man! I thought they were a F&F release only.

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