Wavecloud’s Custom Work

Here are all of my complete customised Oakley’s in one place for easy reference!
Quick Q: how did you mask off the lime green icon on that vault? Or did you have to remove it? I never tried it, so I don't know how they're held in, presumably just glued on?
Just prise it out and then out back with hot glue. You nee to be quite forceful to get it out.
I wonder if hot glue is the best thing to use - is that what Oakley used on them? The thing about hot glue is that it's (obviously) instant, but not the strongest adhesive, and once a corner starts to go, if it's a flat piece, it ALL goes... I would use epoxy resin (provided you never, ever need to prize it out again - or if you plan to, use a smaller amount).

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