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    The "No Shelf Whores" Club

    #18 Checking in :-)
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    Custom Rx transition lens replacements for original Flaks?

    Been awhile since I perused the forums. Years ago there was a member who was an ace at customizing lenses. Is that member still on the board? I have two sets of Oakley Flak Jackets (NOT 2.0 - Original Flaks) that had factory iridium transition lenses. These were made by Oakley AT the Oakley...
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    Forced to Prizm

    My O.G. (first edition) Flaks with the XLJ lenses finally cracked at the insert point at the top of the frame. The tab/hook/thingy that inserts into the frame near the nose bridge/bombs broke off. I was disappointed because I am a stock, low-key, stealth kinda guy. I like my Iridium black...
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    Finally Made It To HQ

    Sure, why waste bandwidth with a new topic when this one is already open? ;-)
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    Finally Made It To HQ

    Inside that half circle is an auditorium.
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    Oakley HQ Visit

    As of today, Museum still closed. FYI.
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    HQ Tour

    HQ museum Still not open as of 3/20/16, FWIW
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    Have you reported fake Oakley's you've come across on eBay?

    I get them in my dirtbag Facebook feed alllll the time. I report them often.
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    Favoritest/Hatingest Lens Tint To LOOK Through

    lol, Beach. Don't you folk call it "The shore?"
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    Favoritest/Hatingest Lens Tint To LOOK Through

    Bobmx, regarding your post from 1/1/16, If you're talking about a cloudy, overcast, June Gloom, May Gray, heavy marine layer type day, I believe the ideal lens that filters out the blue to make a lot of contrast and "lighten" everything up is Persimmon.
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    Bye bye Flak Jacket 1.0

    Huh. I've got 4 pair of Flak 1.0's. I better stock up on a coupla pair of spare lens sets for future-proofing.
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    What is this? Newbie question...

    Ya know, not to generalize or anything, but the only people I have only ever noticed wearing sunglass holders on their belt via clips are engineers, and tourists from the Asian continent. Since so many fakes are made in China (and not at IBM)... Well, just supposing a logical deduction here.
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    What is this? Newbie question...

    If they are such good looking fakes, all is not lost. They are perfect for wearing water skiing, on the ocean (if you live near one), or for wearing at a mud run or any other activity where you want to look good, wear something (although you may not get the UV eye protection you'd like) to block...
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    Going to head quarters

    You can do as you wish. FWIW, LLCoolJ is from New York.
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    Going to head quarters

    Where's Cali? Calais is in France. Oh, you mean California. Or Kalifornia if you are trying to slam it as a USSR-style socialist republic. Cali is what New York rap artists from the 1990's call the Golden State. You won't hear anyone born or raised here calling it that. There is no place...