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  • Hi Qtrain, I new here but have been collecting for years. I am into Frogs & X Metals but at the moment chasing both a Skate Deck & Surf Deck Frog. Marstein recommended you for a custom set. Can you please let me know if your able to do a set & the cost if possible ? Regards Mark
    Hello, I msg you on ebay about the coin display 3d printed for some coins I got from work I'd like to display
    hi , i would like to check with you regards the model oakley jawbreaker przim road (standard fit) vs oakley jawbreaker przim road (asian fit), are the same ? is it only different nose piece ? can the lens interchangeable ?
    Hello hope your still active. I saw your old reply about an Oakley mars wrap. I'm looking to have it done. Perhaps you'd have someone you could recommend safely or just what exactly I need to do? Many thanks
    Hey I just saw your post about making rings, wondering if you are still into that or not. I'm a Mechanic for the State Police so the material can't conduct electricity. I'd be interested if you thought it was possible.
    Hello. I have a pair of half x. The hinge is broken. Are you still willing to have a broken pair sent to you so you can try and 3d print a new hinge. Please get back to me. Cheers...Lee
    My name is Brett and I have several Oakley watches, I'm fairly new to this forum board.
    I saw your name pop up about 3D printing and possibly doing some watch stands. Let me know if this something that you can do. I am interested.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Did you end up coming up with a solution for the Half Metal hinge replacement by any chance?
    Hello qtrain23! I got a Mars Leather and the right side rivet seems to be loose because this side of the glasses is moving up and down.
    The leather is in excellent condition. Is there any way to remove the leather, fix the rivet and reinstall the leather? Is there anything you could do?
    I'm not able to send pm to you. Could you please contact me if you are interested?
    Thank you.
    Qtrain23, has anyone shipped you a pair of half-x yet?
    I have a pair that have a broken hinge. Might be able to work something out.
    I can't send a PM. Maybe because I am new?
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