1. sander

    For Sale Various Frogs

    Hey, After, I guess, a few years out of the game, I’ve decided to sell some of my frogs. These are all shelve pieces. Most have never been worn and all are 10/10. They all come with box, bag and papers if not noted otherwise on the individual piece. All prices excluding shipping. EU shipping...
  2. Brando

    For Sale OCP All matte black frame, Union Jacks (SOLD), 4 Legged (x3), and SW Frogs *PRICES LOWERED*

    Hi Everyone, I have some frogs I'm looking to pass onto someone that will use them, since they have just been sitting in the cases for a long time. The glasses are in various conditions from never worn to having a few scratches, so please see below for more info. I used to work for Oakley, so I...
  3. Belfry

    3 Pairs Of Frogskin 4-legged Grey With Purple Iridium

    LIKE BLOODY BUSSES Iv been waiting years to find a new pair.....found a guy who had 2 pairs in oz shipped both pairs over 1 for me and 1 to sell to help with the cost of shipping, customs, etc ....and a wining bid I had on ebay came in so now I have 3 pairs. Absolutely love them
  4. ericforman

    4 Leggers

    I just got the matte denim and matte gray 4 legged frogs for a grand total of $141. The matte denim is NIB and the matte gray is used.
  5. pricedollaz

    Newest Addition Today Sunday!

    Sunday! 4 Legged White w/grey Frogskins *my b just Sunday! 24-246
  6. sander

    Finally Completed The 4-legged Set!

    4-Legged Frogskins Set Complete! I just picked up my last pair of the 4-legged Frogskins. And what better way to post about it, than with my 100th post? The Turquoise/White 4-Legged Frogskins completes my set. Although only the general release ones. When I found these on the ordering site for...
  7. Frogskins

    Bought, sold, and then bought again :\

    Here's the deal ... I bought these identical Frogs for $100 on eBay back in August 2010. The color didn't really work for me, so I ended up selling them for $200 on eBay around a year later. Well exactly one week ago (Monday night,) I get on eBay right after work and some dude listed these...