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    Buying  Antix Lens - Tungsten Iridium Polarized

    Got a Fuente Antix I'm considering letting go off, but the lens has gone through some crazy delamination. Not the best surprise when I pulled it out of the box. Hoping someone has a spare or something comparable.
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    Sold  Surplus Sale Take 15% off the price listed

    Surplus Sale Take 15% off the price listed Buy all for $800,- with free shipping. 1. Valve Platinum -FMJ- with Box 03-876 9/10 small marks on frame only $110,- (Sold) 2. Valve Platinum -FMJ- 03-876 9/10 small marks on frame only ($95,- Sold) 3. Valve Ducati 12-638 with Box 9,5/10 small...
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    Sold  Ernesto Fonseca Antix 24-163

    For your purchase consideration is a pre-owned pair of Antix, the Ernesto Fonseca iteration. These are in great shape, rated at 9.0 all-around. No de-lam on the OEM lens (there may be some small issues, but none that were readily noticeable), ear stems "pop" when opened-a very well cared for...
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    For Sale  Various Used/Beater Frames

    Got a few used/beater frames I'm looking to pass onto those that can use them, recondition them or strip them for parts. Prices listed are for F&F payment and shipping is $5 per pair within CONUS unless you buy more than one (in which I will combine shipping). If you have any further questions...
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    Sold  OEM Antix Tungsten Iridium Replacement Lens

    Never installed, no de-lam Tungsten Iridium lens for Antix. The packaging is the way I received them from Oakley six years ago (invoice included to prove authenticity), presumably from their warranty department. It shows I purchased two, but the other is already spoken for, unless that deal...
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    Buying  Steel Antix - Frame only

    Looking for just the frame in new or excellent condition.
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    Sold  Beater Sebastien Loeb Antix

    Selling a beater pair of Sabastien Loeb Antix. These things are pretty rough. Arms are really loose and the coating is coming off. I’ll include the lens that came with it, but it’s a beater as well. Only looking for what I have in them; $45 shipped.
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    Sold  Fuente Antix (SKU: 24-092)

    Hey OFam, For sale is my Fuente Antix Artist Series, released on February 2009 and bought from the American Oakley website in March that same year. It comes complete with box, pin, paperwork and original MF bag. The original lenses that came with it (Tungsten Polarized) started peeling off...
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    Sold  Antix Ernesto Fonseca Polished Black (Koi Print) / Grey

    Hello OF for sale Antix Ernesto Fonseca Polished Black (Koi Print) with Grey lenses, is used but still in good condition don’t have a big scratchers, the paint of the frame is perfect, came with signature bag. SKU: 24-163 Frame 8/10 Lenses 7/10 Price $old allin (or best offer) Paypal g&s (...
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    For Sale  Ernesto Fonseca Antix w/Black Iridium

    I have a pair of Ernesto Fonseca Antixs with black iridium lenses. In addition, polarized lens. Have all the original paperwork, box and bag. Frames and both sets of lenses are in great shape. I'm asking $150
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    For Sale  Fuente Antix Polished Black Tungsten Iridium Polarized

    I have a pair of Oakley Fuente Antix Polished Black with Tungsten Iridium Polarized with all the paperwork, bag, box and pin. Frames and lenses are in great shape. Asking $120 with shipping included, US only.
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    Buying  Antix/Hijinx, Pitbull, & Monster Dog

    Looking for these glasses for every day! Anyone willing to let them go, comment on the thread! Don’t have to be collection! Preferrably anything matte or polished black frames and lenses in perfect-decent (wearable condition). I know it’s a strange request but let me know! Thanks guys!
  13. B

    Flak 2.0 & Moto GP Antix

    On the bay last night, seen a pair of Flak 2.0 pol black with BIP with box and hard case. Seller shipped today, and on eBay once again today, seen a pair of the Moto GP Antix. Actually quite surprised that I won that auction. Antix isn't really a frame that I wear, but, I might actually get a...
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    For Sale  Ernesto Fonseca Antix and Dispatch

    Selling this beauties: (Prices in USD) Ernerso Fonseca Antix, Frame and lenses 10/10, Like new in box. $250 shipped Ernesto Fonseca Dispatch 2, Frame and lenses 9/10 (looks like a 10/10 to me, but I did wear them once or twice), Extra icons included, no Original bag included, box show some...
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    Buying  Antix Rugby Union LIONS [South Africa special edition]

    Hello friendlies! So a couple years ago (more like 3 or 4...) OAKLEY released in South Africa a limited edition series for some local rugby teams. I'm looking for one of them, the LIONS edition. ---> Polished Black (team red icon) - Ruby LIONS with etched lens and team microbag You can find...
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    Buying  Polarized Antix Lenses

    Looking to get a new antix lens, anyone have any polarized colors for sale?
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    Buying  - Clear ANTIX Frame &/Or Ice Iridium ANTIX Lens ...

    Lost my Clear framed, Ice Iridium Antix ... Breaks my heart. Going to do what I can to put a set back together as know it was a custom or MPH with Gunmetal Icons. Anyone with some pieces or ideas to help me with this project, please drop a line in this Thread or PM me. Thanks, folks. Zeke...
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    Buying  Looking for Oakley Antix Lenses

    As the title says, looking for perfect (unblemished/new) Antix lenses other than Black. Thanx
  19. Foldupcup

    My favorite part of my collection

    I have watches, xmetals, these are easily my favorite.
  20. dh4645

    My small collection. Done for now.

    The wife has gold feedbacks, violet haze conquests, & game changers she keeps in her car. Her fives, fates & 1 other are being saved for the kid, since the wife thinks they are too small for her face... the ladies like the big lens styles, I guess In order of purchase new to old: Wind Jacket...
  21. jdd32

    Custom unobtanium earsocks for Antix

    A friend of a friend loved his Antix but hated them slipping and sliding off his head. He loves the feel of Unobtanium but sadly Oakley never released earsocks for Antix. So out of boredom, I cooked up some Unobtanium earsocks (literally) and modified them to fit his Antix. Even comes with...
  22. U

    Looking For FUENTE ANTIX

    Anybody have a fuente Antix? If so pm me
  23. Peter Gilley

    Will the Ernesto Fonseca Antix Price decrease?

    Will the Ernesto Fonseca Antix go down to 69 or are they as low as they will go?