battery replacement

  1. R

    oakley warrant watch

    need help guys. I had the battery replaced in my warrant so I can list it for sale. It will not restart and wondered if there was something that I need to do to get it going.
  2. THISGUY25

    Crankcase Battery Change

    Anybody know how to remove the battery from a crankcase watch? Not sure how to about removing the small cover and don't want to try to force anything.
  3. OakleyRyan9250

    Watch Battery Replace - LA

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well! Does anyone know Of a good jeweler in the Los Angeles area that can replace batteries for Oakley watches? The warranty department at the Oakley factory is still closed and won’t be open anytime soon and my gearbox’s battery is dead and in case my...
  4. Jorzaky

    Update Battery Guide Feb 2016

    Hi all, I have made some changes to the list & add some missing ones ( In red ). Oakley state Fusebox as - 395 battery. I checked the movement tech sheet and states 399 see link below ( if the movement has an alarm the battery will most likely be W - not a SW ) W's are for watch with alarms as...
  5. bean323

    What to look for in a Jeweler / Watch repair

    Hi.. the only real jewelers i see are at my mall. I imagine for basic stuff like removing batteries and links that should be ok, yea? Or do i want to find some guy name Olaf or Svede to do these minor things in the event someday i need to go back and get something done more then normal? What...