1. Rare_Oakley_Head_Display_11.jpg


    Oakley Custom Display Head
  2. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    custom spike Display

    custom spike Display
  3. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Custom Head Display

    Custom Head Display
  4. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Bob Head Display - airbrush

    Bob Head Display
  5. Jheyvip

    For Sale Oakley x squared x metal plasma and polished good deal

    $299.00 each plus shipping Frames: Plasma X metal and polished All frame are in good condition New aftermarket lens microfiber bag included
  6. Lupetto

    Sold Bob head Display oem

    has a couple marks missing small plaster from one cheek sold Plus shipping.
  7. Tejada

    Sold Spike Bob (To repair)

    The item presents damages that could be repaired. one of the broken parts fits perfectly in its place (see photos) Price $ 220 Free shipping in the USA Pay by Paypal
  8. Tejada

    Sold Bob Head

    Bob Head in good condition, with some slight scratches. (without hits) Price $ 380 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
  9. Tejada

    Sold Bob torso 3

    Bob Torso The three torsos presented different damages that were restored at the hands of a professional, it was impossible to avoid some marks of the restoration, however the lines and the original cut of the latter were not lost. Any question please send me a PM I will gladly answer. Price...
  10. P

    Please help local seller has shadow bob and i wanna authenticate.

    Hey guys i hope someone can help. A local seller here has a shadow bob head and he is asking a good price for it in my opinion. everything looks right i just dont know i get a sketchy vibe. i dont know much about these i just know my dad really wants one. could someone do me a huge favor and...
  11. Gunn

    Sold Oakley Flight Deck Beanie, Black

    Hi, I decided to sell one of my Flight Deck Beanies. This one was used twice. So there are minimal marks on the hardcovers. Most of the time it was displayed on a shadow head in one of my cabinets. Please see the photos attached. One size fits all. I'm asking SOLD US $ - including PayPal...
  12. qtrain23

    For Sale All My Custom Goodies - Stands, Watch Holders and More!

    Decided to Just combine all these into one master thread. Originals can be found below: Stands Watch Holders ------------------------------------------ 3D Printed Watch Holders ------------------------------------- As Seen on Doc Chop Shop! Available in Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow...